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Faith-Based Organizations Pledge Drive
Sponsoring a Pledge Drive is a great opportunity to showcase your church's commitment to diversity, especially following the annual Birmingham Pledge Week held each September.

Suggestions on what it takes to hold a Birmingham Pledge Drive, including information of how to set up a Pledge Drive booth is available on this site. An alternative to having each individual sign a Pledge is to prepare a petition that will enable a large number of participants to sign the Pledge in one location. We also encourage you to have members sign the Pledge online at this website when ever possible.

Corporate Pledge Drive
What are you doing in your organization to create higher levels of morale and job satisfaction? Birmingham Pledge Week is a perfect opportunity to showcase your organization's commitment to diversity and be a part of a week-long series of events in the Birmingham community designed to do the same.

Birmingham Pledge Teen Conference
The Teen Conference is an annual event co-sponsored by the Birmingham Pledge and the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. This event brings approximately four high school students from each of the eleven school districts in the Birmingham metropolitan area together for a daylong conference and workshop to discuss diversity issues and solutions. Led by facilitators, the workshops provide students with the mediation and reconciliation skills and tools they need to resolve racial problems in their schools.

Neighborhoods and Communities
The Pledge Foundation endeavors to work with area mayors, citizen advisory boards and neighborhood associations to eliminate barriers and divisive issues. The leadership provided by elected officials and community leaders are vital in developing an increased awareness and value of the increasingly diverse communities in Alabama.

Athletes for the Birmingham Pledge
Colin Braun and Brad Coleman of Team 16 publicly signed the Pledge at the Porsche 250 race held at Barber Motor Speedway, as part of their commitment to spread its values throughout the NASCAR racing world.


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