How have educators used the Birmingham Pledge?

The Birmingham Pledge has been used often in public and private primary, intermediate,and secondary schools. Several educators have indicated that they utilized the Pledge when studying conflict resolution, the Holocaust, the Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King, Jr., Black History Month, cultural diversity, African American literature, and various other race related topics. These teachers repeatedly emphasized how helpful and important the Pledge has been as an education tool.

School Pledge Drive

Sponsoring a Pledge Drive is a great opportunity to showcase your school's commitment to diversity, especially following the annual Birmingham Pledge Week held each September.

Suggestions on what it takes to hold a Birmingham Pledge Drive, including information of how to set up a Pledge Drive booth is available on this site. An alternative to having each student sign a Pledge is to prepare a petition that will enable a large number of participants to sign the Pledge in one location. We also encourage you to have members sign the Pledge online at this website when ever possible.

If a Pledge Drive is held locally in Birmingham, we can assist in picking up the signed Pledges. If a drive is held outside of Birmingham we request your organization to mail the signed Pledges to the Birmingham Pledge Foundation, 2829 Second Avenue S., Suite 200-B, Birmingham, AL 35233.

Each signed Pledge will be entered into a database. We encourage people to make copies of the Pledge and distribute them within your organization.

We also have brochures and a video for your school.

We hope that you find this information helpful in holding a drive at your school and are eager in working with you to take a stand against prejudice and intolerance.

We hope you will let us recognize your school's dedication to eliminating racism by adding your school and class' name to our Pledge Drive participant's list.

School Pledge Drive Booth

You are encouraged to set up a table in your school displaying information and offering people the opportunity to sign pledges.

Perhaps you could obtain a ballot box in which to slip the signed pledges at your booth.

Decorate your booth however you wish to represent the messages of tolerance and race relations. Your Birmingham Pledge Drive Sponsor Kit will include the following materials to support your booth:

• Birmingham Pledge brochures
• Pads of Birmingham Pledge forms to be signed by faculty, students, and parents
• School signature log sheets for many Pledge signers.
• "I Signed" stickers to be given to those who sign the Birmingham Pledge
• A log form to use to track the number of pledges received (also an electronic file is available)
• Participants can also sign the Pledge online and where possible, organizers may make access available so signers can be placed directly in the online

Click here for more information on how to use The Birmingham Pledge in your classroom.

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