Spanish Class Maná Contributes You.Ersus. Tour Times to Meet High Demand

Times already included with excursion meet a higher desire. Seating for shows The Spanish rock stars' El Sol have already included. At t, San tx, az, "Roux, declared a sell-out performance, has never promoted this Latin.This group, the largest Ersus of Maná, is very rare.

A multi-success Spanish rock and roll night - Maná immediately developed his new international film "Rayando El Sol Tour", which starts in the United States, immediately with its fans, and this rock band has organized an exclusive concert for its supporters at Live Region's headquarters on Tuesday, this was also broadcast live on Facebook as an outstanding Mexican Group Maná introduction to the tour. "With this tour, we have an incredible creation, you will see some phases, new songs and new variations of our songs and several unexpected situations", explained the guide singer Fher Olvera to his supporters during the performance at 55 moments, the place of the wedding The ringtone asked the participants what songs they wanted to notice. "We should continue to savor and savor our fans, we should continue to bring songs that speak of waiting, of tranquility." Maná can Mana tickets also perform on Jimmy Kimmel live tonight. This is the second time the band has talked about the ABC evening. The rocking chairs have already been there in February 2016. The "Rayando el Sol" tour, created by Live Region, is known to have been inspired by the critically acclaimed Maná's first album in 1990 and is symbolically important to the group, as it is the hit song that launched their profession. This rock band is back in the street after having had a few calendar years. The international tour "Rayando El Sol" begins at You. Ersus. , before trying Mexico, South America and the European Union. Considered by Billboard to be the most distributed and most noted alliance on the planet, the Spanish rock and roll band that sold its last You. Ersus. tricks: "Latino Strength" in 2016 and "Cama Encendida" in 2015.

The designs of Latin American rock rolls have planned a substantial tour of LiveNation. they become Maná Promotes 'Rayando included seven shows in (9Or22), Chicago, (12O8), tx az (12O17), 9th in full live. will find tickets for times below. MANÁ tour schedule: Corpus 2009Or07 Dallas, United Airlines 2009Or12 Paso, Az, MGM Yard World ., board ., 2009Or28 San Jose, Isle Credit Amphitheater 10Or2009 Littleton, ON World 10Ortwenty Brooklyn, NC Greensboro Coliseum Miami, world without limits 12Or08 Dallas, Texas, AT & Capital Phoenix 12Or17, Converser Stick World 12Or22., Council 12 or 27 years in Sacramento, the excursion in Oracle corresponds to the recommended individual, to consult.