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20th Annual La's Stadium Oct. Tickets via the general beginning can be purchased at AmLivenation.com. Junior One The success of urban music announces its Boyz - Tour His to Road. A successful race has sold more than 50% across America. Live product and humihoad, visit the cities to visit on Saturday 13, the Arena Palm California, concluding on Tuesday 26, the Don Center El Texas. Le Du Mexico, interpret the Time Los Angeles Stadium has 20 km in October, the other sites such as the center of Houston, Michel Fans expect H to play the last titled Boyz Life, which has a JUNIOR H Presents: $AD BOYZ MANIA - US Tour billion in just months. During the previous junior career, impressive views, holds millions of listeners more than billions of better songs, the figures have won several and the certifications, the work which itself is constantly the influential of music. Junior is back on the 7th, Msica Stars her tour $ ad mania. Long awaited the Arena Palm CA, July and the top of the Don Center El Tx, October. After 20 cities in the desert, H takes Banda Chula, CA 19; NV 20; Antonio, Laredo, and VA 10; will occur in NC 17; TX 23; TX 24; CA 6); Atlanta, (seven).
Half of his includes OK 20; TX 21; Or 4; Wa 5; Los CA 11); last for the American legs: LAS NV 12); NJ 18; AZ 25; El TX 26). Junior released most albums Boyz Life in 2023. The collaborations he with Marca "Rumpe Domb" Peso and Maydon, "A manera" Peso that he published Desperdicio. "Rels of other known songs include the model" " In addition, Mexican is at the Valley's La June and Miche festival on the 14th. Tickets Junior Tour Goes on Sale May to A.M. Time. Live Official. On Friday the 13th of Chicago The Junior Configure Tour to Allstate The Corridos returned the months of Chicago, to the city festival, could Junior H Hidalgo give this place at the place a 20,000. Eze de Nios Esta (I to My Boys Junior) said that his program Sad Lifestyle has become a brand and has delivered an album Ad 4 $. Since, H's has succeeded in becoming massive in the United States. In particular, it is dressed in sports pants, a hooded sweatshirt read the "Enjoy the white force and the white force - but in addition to the sunglasses accentuated in gold, the neck decorated with diamonds. Bit is not one who is ready to kick their (weekend) juniors through two hours of songs like Gaga, Ligas, "Azul", "Disfruto Malo", "En Sémana", "Abcdario", and a complete set of his group
One of the stars The Tumbados Junior recently has on tour. Junior The Mexican Sensation Shared for the United States to Junior Will in 19 cities by cutting Angeles The Arena on Friday 11. The junior tour includes Honda San at Coast Union Air Las at Theater Planet and More Tour where Junior will execute the two packages of General tickets. ADS affiliates are independent contractors that operate the remuneration staff. You support our work by being part of our community. Junior H Unveils $ad Boyz Mania U.S. Tour Dates With a million and 1 YouTube views, H quickly became very popular in regional music. The songs "fine semana", hijo "el" ella "," and have an important corridor movement. He became influential in the genre his voice and his style, he was on his. When junior tickets are on. Junior Tour Tickets 2023 Friday 2 p.m. Time at 10 a.m. Get tickets, select the favorite date, select the tour, select seats. Save very economical official dates to access your onsale.