The Chatham Skating Club has four medallists at the Skate Ontario commonplace titles a weekend ago in Port Colborne

The Coachella's Valley first outside ice skating arena, which appeared at the River Shopping Center in Rancho Mirage the previous fall, will come back to the leave in the not so distant future after an effective inaugural run, it was reported Wednesday.

The Renova Rink at the River attracted 10,000 skaters its inaugural year Skating ticket broker , driving coordinators to declare that the fascination would make an arrival to the River.

Olivia Stallaert won silver in ladies' gold marathon in the wake of putting third in inventive aptitudes, fifth in interpretive and second in free skate.

Zachary Stallaert won two silver awards in Star 7 men's short program and Star 8 men's free skate #FridayReads: Vincent Zhou Wins #WorldJFigure, Scott Hamilton’s Amazing News, and More.

The Blenheim Figure Skating Club additionally had two gold medallists: Andrew Xiao in pre-adolescent men (under-13) and Ethan Xiao in Star 5 men. Karolyn Rombouts of the Bothwell Figure Skating Club contended also.

The Bismarck Figure Skating Club is exhibiting their ability this end of the week with a show titled Skating in Dreamland at the VFW Sports Center.

The unshakeable best on the planet Evgenia Medvedeva looks ready to shield her title falling off a world-record-scoring free skate complete at the European Championships (150.79). Her title guard in Ostrava, Czech Republic was Medvedeva's eighth back to back triumph. In spite of the fact that scrutinized by some that her develop projects are not age proper (her free skate music, for instance, is Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close which portrays the occasions of 9/11), the 17-year-old once in a while sets a foot wrong, comforting judges to honor positive Grades of Execution (GOE) scores and high program segments. While her choreography has been addressed by some this season, there's no denying her musicality and capacity to convey clean exhibitions under weight Carolina Kostner: Mishin is my chance. .

Ice, Sweat and Tears: Infographic

Ice, Sweat and Tears: Infographic

European freestyle skiting championship 2015